Kitchen is an important place for family life from beginning to end. For those who love cooking, kitchen is a paradise, because it can bring fun to friends and family, but for those who don’t cook, kitchen is a nightmare. At this time, you need a smart kitchen, one the one hand, it can save time, on the other hand, it can help improve cooking ability and get more happiness.Matt Van Horn, CEO of the June Smart Oven, once said, “Technically, our kitchen hasn’t had much innovation since the 1970s.”

In what we have seen and heard, the term artificial intelligence is always accompanied by this high-tech, it is hard to imagine that one day you will associate it with the traditional kitchen. But companies that develop home appliances have not forgotten to keep their products’ quality. Unlike ovens with traditional functions, June developed the smart oven with a 2.3GHz quad-core NVIDIA processor with built-in camera, sensor and kitchen scale. These things can help him know what he is baking, and can also adjust the baking time of different weights of ingredients. Currently, this oven has been able to identify 15 different types of food.

A robotic arm that can control the heat

Different from the trivialities of the family kitchen, there is always a lot of repetitive movements in the restaurant. The past actions are all done by apprentices, but now, artificial intelligence is going to help the kitchen to liberate such a labor force.

Miso Robotics experimented with a “robot kitchen assistant” that automatically cooks pies, which can flip pies, chop vegetables or perform other repetitive kitchen tasks.It calls Flippy. Flippy is equipped with a thermal sensor, which allows him to know the temperature difference between the pie and the grill, allowing it to control the heat more accurately. Many people can’t remember what’s lacking in the refrigerator when they go to the supermarket. Based on this phenomenon, the refrigerator of John Lewis, the largest department store in London, has already increased the sales of its own internal camera by three times this year. This robot kitchen assistant is so cool, China has a big B2B platform called Sinosources, they can cooperate with each other. Samsung Smart Hub has three built-in cameras that are mounted on the top, middle and bottom of the refrigerator’s door. Whenever the refrigerator’s door is closed or the light is off, the refrigerator takes an internal photo and sends the photo to the user’s mobile phone.

A stove that keeps the pot away from smoking

The cooking style of the Chinese has caused the Chinese kitchen to be smoked. The food produces fumes during the cooking process because the temperature in the pot exceeds the smoke point of the ingredients. Now, this stove that can control the temperature according to the food in the pot to prevent the generation of soot.

The smart gas cooker is equipped with a precise temperature sensor that senses the real-time temperature in the pot and controls the food temperature below the smoke point. The soot generated in the gas oven is also burned twice by a special smoke-burning burner.

Smart kitchen comes into our house

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